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Booklet 31: Designing a GROW BIOINTENSIVE® Sustainable Mini-Farm UT OP

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Booklet 33: Grow Your Own Grains: Raising, Harvesting and Uses UT OP

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Booklet 35: Growing More Food With Less Water UT OP

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Tabletop Glow ‘n Grow Light UT

  • Found at Burpee - In Stock

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    Order: Tabletop Light $149.99
    Order: Tabletop Light PLUS 72 Cell Ultimate Growing System $159.99
    Order: Tabletop Light PLUSu XL 32 Cell Eco-Friendly Ultimate Growing System $169.99
    Order: Tabletop Light Plus 72 Cell Ultimate Growing System Plus Heat Mat $199.99

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Deluxe LED Glow N Grow Light Garden Cart UT

  • Found at Burpee - In Stock

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    Order: 1 Double Deck Garden Cart $460.99

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Four Lamp T12 Light Fixture UT OP

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40-Watt Replacement Bulb - Full-Size Seedling Cart Accessory UT OP

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54-Inch Tabletop Plant Light UT

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Gro-Lux Wide Spectrum Fluorescent Tubes - Pack of 2 UT

  • Found at Park Seed - In Stock

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    24 inch 20 Watt $17.95
    48 inch 40 Watt $21.95

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Park's Intense Light Grow Shelves UT

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Replacement Bulb for Agrobite Desktop Plant Light UT

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Replacement Knob for 12-16 Tray Grow Light OP

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Sunblaster Micro Grow Light Garden - Black OP

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T8 Grow Light/Plant Stand (12 Trays) OP