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German Johnson OP Tomato Seeds (Med-Large Fruit) UT Hybrid

  • Found at 2B Seeds - In Stock - 77 Days to Maturity

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    1.0 Pounds (30 Seeds) $3.00 10 Seeds

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Striped German Tomato - Organic UT Organic Heirloom OP

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Tomato, German Johnson UT Heirloom OP

  • Found at Burpee - In Stock - 78 Days to Maturity

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    1 Packet (30 Seeds) $4.19 7 Seeds

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German Johnson Tomato - Organic UT Organic Heirloom OP

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Tomato, German Pink UT Heirloom OP

  • Found at Burpee - In Stock - 85 Days to Maturity

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    1 Packet (25 Seeds) $4.19 6 Seeds

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German Porcelain Garlic

  • Found at Jung - In Stock

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    1 - 0.5 Pounds $14.95
    3 - 0.5 Pounds $41.85

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German Butterball Potato

  • Found at Jung - In Stock

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    25 eyes $10.95
    3.0 Pounds $12.95

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Organic Garlic, German Red (lb) UT Organic OP

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Striped German Tomato UT Organic Heirloom OP

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German Butterball Potato - 2 LB Bag UT

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Organic German White Garlic (Hardneck) UT Organic OP

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German Red Garlic - Oct Delivery UT Heirloom OP

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German Butterball Potato UT Organic OP

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German Red Rocambole Garlic (Hardneck) UT

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Garlic, German Red UT

  • Found at Burpee - In Stock - 240 Days to Maturity

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    6 Bulbs (0.5 Pounds) $16.99

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Organic Garlic, German White (lb) UT Organic OP

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German Red - Organic Garlic Bulbs UT Organic OP

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German Johnson Tomato UT Organic OP

  • Found at High Mowing Organic Seeds - In Stock - 75 Days to Maturity

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    0.1 Grams $2.95
    0.5 Grams $5.80
    2.0 Grams $11.00
    8.0 Grams $18.90
    1.0 Ounces $50.40
    0.25 Pounds $168.00