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Hosta Lakeside Paisley Print OP

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Gilmour Mechanical Water Timer Single Outlet UT OP

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4'x4' Complete Single Level Raised Bed UT

  • Found at Burpee - In Stock

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    Order: 4'x4' Corners Kit Single Level (lumber not included) $27.99
    Order: 4'x4' Complete Single Level Raised Bed $78.99

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Single Grow Light/Plant Stand and Tray OP

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Single Level Complete Cedar Raised Bed UT

  • Found at Burpee - In Stock

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    Order: 4' x 4' Components Kit (no lumber) $46.99
    Order: Single Level Complete Bed (4' x 4') with lumber $104.99

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New! Zou Sing F1 NEW! UT Hybrid

  • Found at Agro Haitai - In Stock

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    Packet $1.80
    25.0 Grams $20.70
    100.0 Grams $60.80


SaferGro Mildew Cure

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Single LED Light Glow'n Grow Light Garden Cart UT

  • Found at Burpee - In Stock

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    Order: 1 Single Light Garden $339.99

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Single Hoe Blade - 12" wide - Terrateck Wheel Hoe Accessory UT OP

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Jang JPH-U Single-Row - Tractor Mounted Seeder UT OP

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Jang TDR-U Single-Row - Tractor Mounted Seeder UT OP

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Nottingham Bird House with Shingled Roof UT

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Scarlet Curly UT OP

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Curly Roja Kale UT Organic OP

  • Found at High Mowing Organic Seeds - In Stock - 55 Days to Maturity

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    50 Seeds $2.95 17 Seeds
    250 Seeds $3.50 71 Seeds
    1000 Seeds $7.50 133 Seeds
    5000 Seeds $18.00 278 Seeds
    25000 Seeds $70.00 357 Seeds

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Curly Pink Rose

  • Found at Jung - In Stock

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    1 - #1 $16.95
    3 - #1 $47.25
    6 - #1 $85.50

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Hosta, Curly Fries UT

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Curly Roja Kale Organic UT Organic

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Curly Fries Hosta

  • Found at Jung - In Stock

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    1 - 1 $13.95
    3 - 1 $38.85

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Hosta Curly Fries OP