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Long Island Cheese - Pumpkin Seed UT OP

  • Found at Johnny's Selected Seeds - In Stock - 108 Days to Maturity

  • Amount Price Seeds Per Dollar Add to Inventory List
    Packet (30 Seeds) $4.20 7 Seeds
    1.0 Ounces (184 Seeds) $6.76 27 Seeds
    0.25 Pounds (737 Seeds) $17.25 43 Seeds
    1.0 Pounds (2950 Seeds) $48.64 61 Seeds
    5.0 Pounds (14750 Seeds) $227.00 65 Seeds
    25.0 Pounds (73750 Seeds) $1,054.00 70 Seeds

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Perkins Long Pod Okra UT Heirloom OP

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Louisiana Long Green Eggplant UT

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Long Island Cheese Pumpkin UT

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Bitter Gourd Long Thick (Bitter Melon) - 423H NEW! T

  • Found at Stokes - In Stock

  • Amount Price Seeds Per Dollar Add to Inventory List
    Pkt (10 Seeds) $3.75 3 Seeds
    1 oz $10.90
    1/4 lb $35.25
    lb $93.00


Brussels Sprouts Long Island Improved HEIRLOOM Seeds UT Heirloom OP

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Long Green Improved

  • Found at Clifton Seed - In Stock - 72 Days to Maturity

  • Amount Price Add to Inventory List
    1.0 Ounces $3.00
    0.25 Pounds $8.29
    0.5 Pounds $14.63

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Brussels Sprouts Seeds, Long Island Improved UT OP

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Squash Seeds, Long Island Cheese UT OP

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Radish Seeds, Long Black Spanish UT OP

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Spinach, Bloomsdale Long Standing UT Heirloom OP

  • Found at Burpee - In Stock - 44 Days to Maturity

  • Amount Price Seeds Per Dollar Add to Inventory List
    1 Packet (1000 Seeds) $5.19 193 Seeds

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Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach - Bulk UT Heirloom OP

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Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach

  • Found at Jung - In Stock - 45 Days to Maturity

  • Amount Price Seeds Per Dollar Add to Inventory List
    350 Seeds $2.25 156 Seeds
    Ounce $4.50
    0.25 Pounds $8.50

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Danvers Half Long Carrot NEW! UT

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Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach UT

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Bloomsdale Long Standing UT OP

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Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach UT Heirloom OP

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Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach - Organic UT Organic Heirloom OP

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Long Island Improved UT OP